Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do you wear your baby?

Do You Wear Your Baby?

Baby Slings and wraps are the most natural and comfortable way to carry your baby.  Baby wearing has been shown to make mommy and baby more happy.  I know my son loved to be carried around, close to my heart, for hours in a baby sling carrier.  He didn’t cry as much.  He felt so secure, wrapped up close to me.   And it made me feel like the best mom in the world.  

After speaking with several mom friends, I found we agreed on the fact that babies cannot be spoiled.  Babies thrive off of bodily contact. It keeps them calm, regulates body temperature and reduces fussiness. These  tiny human beings  have no way to communicate their basic needs except through crying. If they are crying, they need something.  They need mom or dad contact.  Slings have been used for hundreds of years and are a wonderful, natural way to provide many benefits to your child. 

Baby wearing is the right choice. It also creates a soothing experience not only listening to mom or dad’s heartbeat, but also mimicking the motion of being inside the womb for 9 months.  Just the simple walking motion is very soothing to a fussy baby.  The less crying and fussing your baby does, the happier everyone will be.

Be happy, wear your baby today!


Suerae Stein said...

Oh how I LOVED my baby sling way back when! I think they may have been new 16 years ago when I had my first. It was a LIFESAVER and both my babies loved them. It was one of the things I actually did RIGHT as a new mother! LOL! Thanks Pam!

Greentxmom said...

Great post, Pam! I'm wearing my third baby, and my friends and family are always amazed at how "good" my babies are. It's not luck. It's attachment parenting. Babies can't be spoiled. That's just an excuse for laziness.

Sporadically Yours said...

So cute! I always envied people that could "wear" their babies. Mine was 10 lbs to start with so I could barely carry him any kind of way. He didn't fit in anything a newborn was supposed to fit in ;-)Nothing has changed, he in the 1st grade and physically looks like he's a 3rd grader.

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