Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet Artistic Angela!

Come along with me to the land of Bold, Elegant, Quirky, Fun button bouquets and jewelry!  Come visit Angela at Angela's Artistic Designs.  
PM: Welcome Angela!  I love your creative blog!  Can you tell me a little about it?
AD: As an alternative to traditional flowers, my daughter asked me to create a button bouquet for her wedding.  I did, she loved it and so did everyone else!  My business was born creating bouquets for every theme, color and style.  Button bouquets are perfect for centerpieces, brides, flower girls and decorative accents.  They are elegance that lasts forever! 

I've been creating since I was a child.  Glue and glitter are my favorite toys!  I'm very tactile so everything must feel good to the touch for me to enjoy working with it. 

My careers have been mostly creative including hair stylist, make-up artist, pre-school teacher, window decorator. 

My current goal is to support myself through my art - in all the forms it takes! 

PM: I noticed you have 2 blogs, with 2 different platforms.  Which platform do you like better and why?
AD: I do have 2 blogs.  I like them both, however, I spend more time on Angela's Artistic Designs blog than my parenting blog.  My daughter and I run the Being a Conscious Parent blog together.  I was paid the highest complement when my daughter said she wanted me to share my parenting tips and philosophies with new moms because she appreciated how thoughtful I parented.

PM: How long have your been blogging?
AD: I began blogging this year!  It was a bit scary at first, now knowing anything about blogging, how to get followers, what to write!  But, with my daughter's help, we started Being a Conscious Parent then I ran with Angela's Artistic Designs!

PM: I noticed that you area  scanner like me!  I love Sher's books, especially Refuse to Choose.  How have her books helped you in your blogging life?
AD: Yes, I am a scanner!  It felt so good to find that out about myself.  When blogging, I usually write about what is current with me or what I'm been seeing that others have a need to know.  So being a scanner allows me to jump around when posting on my blog and not feel like I have to follow a certain day, a certain time, a certain path.

PM: How often do you post?  Do you post on a certain schedule?
AD: So, no, I don't have a posting schedule!  I get an idea and I run with it.  I try to post 2 times a week and I'm lucky if I'm one idea ahead! 

PM: Do you have an etsy shop?  How does that work, I have never sold anything crafty online, only ebay things.
AD: I do have an etsy shop: Etsy is very simple to get started and list products. That's one of the many things I like about it. It doesn't cost a lot either! I've been adding products since last October and now have over 100 on my site! Etsy is not just a sales venue, but a support network as well through teams and FB pages and "liking" each other!

PM: Do you work outside the home?
AD: Until last year, I worked outside the home.  Now I am building my business so it may grow and support me financially because I love being home!  I'm not an office type!

PM: How many children do you have?
Do they inspire you to write your blog or create your button creations?
AD: I have 3 children, all grown.  And a grandson and one on the way!
Yes, they inspire me!  My son started his own catering company around the same time I began my business.  He has more experience in the corporate world setting prices and breaking down cost analysis so it's been very helpful for me.  My daughters help promote and they push me to keep going.  They are so encouraging! 
My youngest daughter is the reason I'm doing button bouquets.  She asked me to make her one for her wedding last year and I'd never heard of them!  It was so well received that I began making them as a business.

PM: What is the biggest mistake you have made in blogging?
AD: Don't know!  It's all been a learning experience for me and I do a lot of research!

PM: What advice would you give to new bloggers? 
AD: Just get it out!  Don't labor over it and try to do it perfectly or pick the perfect topic!  Blogs are quick, short nuggets of information.  What you write about today will be at the bottom of the pile in the blog world in a week!  You can also edit or delete a post. 
I would suggest, however, having someone read it over before posting if grammar or spelling isn't your strength. You're promoting yourself so put your best self out there to give the best impression and encourage a following.

PM: What are your 2 favorite blogs and why?
AD: Mmmmm.  There are so many good ones out there and I'm drawn to the pretty ones!  I keep mine simple because that's the skill level I'm at but I enjoy looking at blogs that are artfully and professionally presented.  The busy ones make my head spin!

I also enjoy blogs that give me info for my business.  Since I don't have much time to sit and read them, I read what's relevant and dash!  Or mark it for later!

PM: Do you belong to any other blogging communities beside MBS?
AD: I'm in a lot of blogging communities!  It's another great support system and network! 

Thanks so much for taking the time for the interview, Angela.  I enjoy your fun button beauties and you!
Please visit Angela at:
Angela's Artistic Designs.


BarbaraB said...

Very nice interview. Angela, I love your bouquets.
Thanks Pam, for hosting this very creative lady.

Shelomita said...

Great I am heading to Angela's blog and Etsy shop!

Pam said...

Thanks Barb and Rina! I was so impressed with her button bouquets. What a great alternative to flowers or even silk flowers. My silk flowers have finally faded to garbage can status, after 13 years. :)

Diane said...

I found you from the Friendly Friday Hop - I am a new follower. I lilke her advice for new bloggers. When I first started I was trying to have everything perfect and so self concious over what I was writing

Anonymous said...

Great interview. I might borrow a couple of your interview questions if thats ok??

I have added your button to my button exchange page :)
Feel free to share mine on my wordpress page if you like!


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