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Faith over Fear Monday: Guest post by Jen Miller

Faith Over Fear: HOW TO: Truth 1
a thought from Jen Miller

God will press, press, press within me a Biblical mantra that He wants me to 'get' - not just as a concept in my head, but as a reality in my day-to-day living. Recently, the mantra has been "faith over fear." He also presses, presses, presses me to continually pour like water into others whatever mantra He's pouring into me. We can see how sharing with others is part of getting "faith over fear."

I've been extraordinarily fearful recently, due to various circumstances punching me in the gut, unexpectedly.  Aren't most gut-wrenching circumstances in life unexpected?  Out of left field?  Knocking the breath out of us?  Knocking us down?  Rendering us to our knees, pleading with God?

Does the "other shoe dropping" ever end?  Not in this life!

As I've been pondering the concept of LIVING in faith over fear, "getting it" from my head into my lifestyle and sharing it with others, I've had to ask "How?"  How does one embrace within the ugly realities of this life
"faith over fear?"  Faith over fear is certainly a repeated, Biblical concept and commandment throughout scripture, and God doesn't give us a directive without also giving us the "how to":

Truth 1:

We can't do it alone.  We can't embrace faith over fear by ourselves - alone.

A single strand may be strong in and of itself to a certain degree, but it
can easily be cut in two - divided, broken.  God is all about unity and
against division.  There are many references and examples in His Word
pointing to His principle of unity with others, and we in unity with Him -
all together.

I considered how many single strands it takes to weave a single braid.  Only three.  Three.  Of the three, there's always a center strand that the other two must wrap around (embrace tightly), to create a strong braid.

To make faith greater than our fears, we must have at least one other adult believer in our life who is committed to walk this difficult life journey with us, and together be committed to making GOD, through Jesus Christ, the CENTER strand.

When we weave three strands together into a braid, the single strands are no longer easily cut, no longer easily divided, because they are interwoven together, creating "one" tough cookie (cord)! This is why He
says in Ecclesiastes 4:12 "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves."  But He continues in this verse by adding:  "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

Together, with God as the CENTER, we can press through our individual and collective fears with true FAITH.  Faith in Him, through Him, by Him... wrapped up tightly and powerfully in the principles and promises of His Word. "For God did not give us a spirit of fear [timidity], but a spirit of POWER, of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND [self-discipline]." 2 Timothy 1:7.

Thank you, God!  Thank you for others who love me just as I am, for others who commit to walking this too-often scary life journey with me, and with YOU as the Center.  Help us not simply to be satisfied with getting the concepts of the unity of three cords and faith over fear, but strive for LIVING as a cord of three, wrapped tightly around YOU.

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Jen Miller is a wife of 22 years, mom to a 21-year old US Marine and his 10-year old little sister.  She's blessed to serve God and others as a published book author, writer of studies and articles, and editor of Christ-centered books and materials.  As an ordained chaplain-minister she is dedicated to women, serving as pastoral counsel, trained facilitator of recovery and support groups and personal growth groups, and as a workshop/forum speaker.  
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: The Story of Sara is Jen's true-life story, released in 2008.  Prior to the release of her autobiography, God used her testimony to women in live presentations to birth The Sara Ministry in 2005.  A Bible-rooted, non-denominational, 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, The Sara Ministry's Isaiah 61 purpose is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual growth of ALL women of all ages and stages of life - regardless of life issues.  "Taking women from surviving to thriving through the principles and promises of God's Word." Jen is privileged to serve as founder and Chairman of The Sara Ministry.  In addition, God enabled an international contract with CCLI through which Jen's numerous praise and worship music is utilized in churches.  
In 2010, God pressed in Jen to found Moms of Marines Support (M.O.M.S.), a national support network for Moms of U.S. Marines and Marine Recruits, daily growing in number, purposed to give mental, emotional, and spiritual support and encouragement in a faith-based Internet environment.
Jen resides in the Midwest.  She'd love to hear from you at or and encourages you to visit The Sara Ministry at and M.O.M.S. at

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Judy Haughton-James said...

Powerful post! I agree with this. I am a living example that one has to seek God's assistance in difficult times. We must have faith in God to help us along the way and conquer fear. Very inspirational.

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