Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Ask Justin: All About Club Penguin

Penguins, Puffles and Partying at Club Penguin 
P: Good morning, Justin.  In another post, we talked about your favorite animals.  You mentioned penguins.  Why do you like them so much?

J: Because they are so cute and they can live in the cold.  And they are in my favorite game, Club Penguin.

P:  What is Club Penguin?

J:  Club Penguin is an online game.  You get to play games with other penguins, you can chat and decorate your house.  You can also adopt puffles to play with and care for.

P:  What kind of games can you play?

J:  My favorite game to play is Card Jitsu.  There are different versions of Card Jitsu.  There is regular Card
Jitsu, Fire Card Jitsu, Water Card Jitsu and there will be a Snow Card Jitsu.

P:  How do you play Card Jitsu?

J:  In the regular Card Jitsu, you can only battle 1 penguin and you get to choose a card with an element on it.  It is snow, fire or water.  The cards also have numbers from 2 to 12.  Water beats fire, fire beats snow, snow beats water. 
In Fire Card Jitsu, you can battle up to 3 other penguins.  The cards are the same as the regular version. When it's your turn, you chose one of the little platforms, they have numbers under them, you click on them to see the number.  After the number flips over, there are 2 spaces shown on the board.  There are different types of spaces: Snow, fire, water or a space where you can choose.  The last space is where you choose one of the other penguins and you can battle them with any of your cards. 
In Water Card Jitsu, you can battle up to 4 penguins.  There are spaces in front of you.  You use your cards, if there is a fire space in front of you, you use your water card to move up onto that space.  The first one to get to the end of the waterfall wins. 

P:  Wow, those sound fun.  What is your favorite version?

J:  My favorite is Fire Card Jitsu. 

P:  What other games do you like on Club Penguin?

J:  I also like Jet pack adventure, Puffle Cannon, and lots of other games. 

P:  What is a puffle?

J:  A puffle is a type of animal you can adopt.  You have to feed them or the will run away.  They are little fur balls, they are very cute and adorable.  They come in different colors.  Each puffle comes with a toy then can play with.  Each color stands for a different personality.  You can brush them, give them a bath, make them take a nap and walk them to keep them happy. 

P:  Which puffle is your favorite?

J:  Some puffles can play games with you, but I wish a puffle for card Jitsu, but they don't.  My favorite puffle is the green puffle because you can play Jet Pack Adventure with him.  The green puffle really likes propeller hats.  He wears the propeller hat so he can fly, that's why he can play Jet Pack Adventure.  He is very athletic.  His personality is playful and funny.

P:  Club Penguin keeps you busy.  You said you can chat with other penguins.  Do you have friends in real life that play with you?

J:  Yes.  I do have a friend that plays with me.  We go to the same server so we can play Card Jitsu and Hide and Seek.

P.  Thanks for telling us all about Club Penguin.  Don't forget to feed your puffle!


Suerae Stein said...

What a great idea! An interview about Club Penguin! I love it. I remember when my kids played Club Penguin. This was really our first experience with any kind of online games where others could join in. I remember nervously investigating it to be sure it was safe and no psycho penguins could start interacting with my kids. They really do a great job with that site. If only I could've predicted the onslaught of Facebook, ichat, skype, and X-box Live back then! It really is unbelievable how much is out there - exciting and scary! Thanks for the great post! ~ Suerae

Pam said...

Thank you Suerae, Justin will be excited to read your comment. I just recently enabled him to have standard chat, where he could type his messages instead of using the preset messages. He loves his Skype account also. He never accepts anyone unless he knows them. So, he only has 4 friends from school on his account:)
Thanks again for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Thx Justin. I like Club Pogo, but you've got to be careful there are some strange people out there.

Pam said...

Justin says he will be very careful. Thank you J Aday!

Sharon said...

Hey Justin. It's Aunt Sharon. Glad to know that you are enjoying this game. keep us informed on how you do. Be creative!!!!

BarbaraB said...

Hey Justin,
It's too bad I missed out on those fun games when I was your age.

I always enjoy your posts.

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