Sunday, October 2, 2011

Does your car have a name?

Name Your Car Day is today. Does your car have a name? Lots of people name their cars. People with big boats, name their boat, and we think nothing of it. So, why not name your car or truck!?
Every carhas character and personality. We spend a lot of time in our cars, and caring for them. So, its only fitting that each car gets its own name.

Selecting a name should be made with care and consideration. Give your car a name that properly reflects its character. What you name you car should be a proper reflection of its character and performance, and your desires for your car. In general, guys names are for guys' cars, and girl names are for the cars that you ladies drive. Aside from that, selection of a name is wide open. But, be have feelings, too.

Here are some of our thoughts in selecting an appropriate name for your car:
  • Don't select wimpy names. That might give your car a personality complex and it will perform accordingly.
  • Do give a strong, aggressive name to sports cars and cars with powerful engines.
  • Sleek, sexy feline-like cars savor names that begin with "lady".
  • Old junkers are proud just to be around. You can call them just about anything. Try "Tramp", or "Old Yeller", "Old Blue".
  • Pick names to reflect your personality.
  • "Pickemup" trucks must have country names.
  • Don't give common names (like Joe, Mike or Sue)  to luxury cars. They beam over names like Reginald, Archibald, and Crystal. 
Does your car have a name?  I name my pets, chickens, geckos and turtles, but never my car.  Do you think I should?  Here he or she is (well, mine is really much dirtier and has a NH license plate):


Stephanie Bishop said...

I drove a extension van in High School---HUGE! Called it BIG BLUE MAMA! I have not named a vehicle since then but will give it a shot!

Kristen said...

Never named the car, but my child named the house. Right now the house is named Miami. It was previously named Ralph. :)

Pam said...

Stephanie, Love Big blue Mama! I think my parents always named our cars Bessie:) Sounds like a cow name to me.
Kristen, love the house names! Kids are so funny!
thanks for visiting ladies!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

I have never named mmy car, but my husband had a big ol' truck when we were dating that was called "sweet thing"- I kind of thought it was ridiculous. It belonged to his mom before him and his grandpa before her. They have this uncanny ability to turn every stupid piece of junk into an "heirloom" and they get insulted if it doesn't mean anything to you. I took a tongue lashing because I wasn't terribly interested in taking every last stained and out of date piece of clothing my mother in law saved from the time my husband was born until he was 5. Gross. LOL. Sorry. That was a huge tangent you probably didn't want to hear.

Pam, I just left you a new review on alexa. I would LOVE for you to leave my blog one too. thanks so much:

Debbie said...

Pam lol my cars name is Betsy, don't know why, just started calling her Miss Betsy and it stuck! Love this post! Following from the Week Long Alexa Blog hop, will be back :)

Debbie and :)

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