Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Reasons Why You Need to be Pampered

Why you need a pamper basket
Yes, it's true!  We all need to be pampered!  Pampering can mean anything from a foot rub, a bubble bath, a massage, alone time or receiving a gift basket of pampering goodies.
A pamper gift basket includes: a beautiful wooden basket, shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath, a natural fiber sponge, bath salts, potpourri, comfy bedroom slippers and more.

  1. You deserve it! Snickers said it best, "You deserve a break today." 
  2. It relaxes you!  Stress can be overwhelming emotionally and physically.  A relaxing body rub or foot massage helps melt the stress away.
  3. You need time for yourself!  Sometimes, if you are lucky, the only alone time you get is in the bathroom.  And that's only if you have a lock on the door.  If you are a mom, you need time away from little bodies that so generously hang on your every word and movement. 
  4. It refreshes you!  You can attack new ideas and projects with vigor and originality.  As a women, when we are refreshed, we feel more feminine and able to be a better wife and mother. 
  5. It increases your self esteem!  You feel more confident when your body is well taken care of. Being more confident increases your creative energy potential.  Stuck for an idea, take a break and get pampered!
 Husbands, sisters, moms, friends, send your loved one a gift basket today so they can be pampered like you know they should!
There are many types of gift baskets, you can find the perfect one if you look.


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