Saturday, October 22, 2011

Creative Playtime with Play food

Creative Playtime with Play Food

Preschool is vitally important to a child's growth and development.  Children use their imagination, increase hand-eye coordination and learn more about the world around them from quality classroom supplies.
Classroom supplies are not just paper, books, crayons and glue sticks.  Art supplies, blocks, dramatic play, kitchen sets and food, activity tables and even playground sets are all part of the preschool environment.   Even preschools that cannot go outdoors in the winter, have an abundance of materials to keep little minds and hands busy.

Children love imaginary play, especially when they can pretend to be grown ups.  My son spent hours at the "kitchen" section of his preschool.  He loved to come up with new foods to serve his preschool classmates.  He pretended that the whole classroom was his restaurant and first he was the cook, then the server.  He even asked his friends for make-believe tips.

Visiting the local children's museum was a favorite weekend activity.  The kitchen section complete with cash register, oven, sink, refrigerator and cafe tables was always packed with creative kids. 

 Are your children using their imagination with creative classroom supplies?  Give them some play food and see what they come up with!


Rina said... know what?! I will be the one who play with it...I just so love playing with these food toys as much as I love to eat the real ones :P Hey Pam, since I have GFC now, would you like to stop by and join? Thanks a ton!

Ashley said...

I have just awarded you the Leibster award for up and coming blogs! Drop by my blog to learn about it and pass the honor on to other bloggers.


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