Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talk back to me

Today I would love to get your opinion on what you, my hard working parent readers, would love to read about. So, please, go ahead, talk back to me. You have my permission, no punishments handed out here. Say whatever is on your mind. Are there topics you wish someone would blog about but you've always been afraid to ask? Are you kids doing wonderful things and you just want a place to brag?

Please speak up, no need to raise your hand.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve if you'd rather pick from my to do list:

1. How to study spelling words

2. List of top 10 educational websites for kids

3. Boys love to read about gross stuff

4. Talking to your kids about world disasters: How did you explain 9/11 to your kids?

5. Fun, cheap things to do on weekends

6. Things you wish your parents had told you when you were a kid

7. Things you wish you parents had never told you when you were a kid

The possibilities are endless. Thank you in advance for your suggestions and comments.

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