Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 Things Boys Love to Read About

My 8 year-old son loves to read about unique and disgusting things. The more unique the better! Anything from Space travel to animal feces keeps his interest!
Here is our top 5 list of things that every boy loves to read about:

1. Action/Adventure stories: The Choose Your Own Ending books are a favorite in our house. We can read the same book all day but it always is a new and different story. It's like you get ten books for the price of one!
2. Mystery stories: Those cliff hanger mystery stories that send chills down your spine, keep us up past his bedtime so we can find out what happens next. Goosebumps keeps our flesh crawling as we turn the pages at lightning speed!
3. Our galaxy and beyond: The Solar System and new things happening in Space Travel send our heads spinning round and round. Things keep changing so fast, we can hardly keep up.
4. Extinct bugs and mammals: Every boy loves to collect bugs and snakes in the back yard. It's even more fun to read about the ones that we will never see.
5. Bodily fluids: We spent a month reading books about how your body works. So many questions, so little time. Of course, the passing of gas is always a big hit with boys, not sure why.

What type of books do your boys like to read? Do they like poetry or purposeful books about poultry?

Happy Reading!


Steve Rice said...

Great post! It's true! LOL I just wrote a post about life being a "choose your own adventure" based on the books I used to read as a kid. I also read mysteries--hardy boys, bobsey twins, etc. :)

Loved an excuse to go down memory lane! :) Thanks.

Pam said...

Thanks Steve. We love the choose your own adventure books. They make them for Goosebumps, Club Penguin, Sponge Bob and many other characters/shows.
I will check out your post now!
Happy Memories!

Anonymous said...

My son is just starting to learn to read but he loves all things boy!!! Dinosaurs, creepy bugs, animals....anything my daughter wants nothing to do with!!! LOL

Pam said...

Isn't it funny how different they are? Of course, I was a tom boy growing up, so I loved to read any and everything to be had, grossness and all.
Thanks for commenting.

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