Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing...... Just Ask Justin!

Meet Justin!
He is an 8 year-old fun loving, smart and handsome kid! He loves school, playing games, soccer, karate, cub scouts and all things Lego! Justin has volunteered to let me interview him once a week to chat about things kids love!
Feel free to ask questions too. Justin would love to answer them!

Today's topic: Computer games!

Pam (aka Mom): What are your favorite computer games?
Justin: My favorite computer games are:
1. Moshi Monsters
2. Club Penguin
3. Jump Start
4. Poptropica
5. Kerpoof

P: Which one do you like the best and why?
J: My favorite computer game is Moshi Monsters. You get to get to do fun things like creating your own monster, finding moshlings, decorating your house and playing mini games. Go to the website by clicking here: Moshi Monsters Rule

P: How often do you play Moshi Monsters?
J: Like three times a day. You have to check on your moshling garden to see if you caught a moshling. You also have to feed your monster.

P: What is a moshling?
J: It's a type of pet that you catch in your garden after you plant special seeds. You buy seeds at the Seed Cart or Super Seeds. You have to plant the right seeds to catch a certain type of moshling. Some special moshlings can only be caught if you are a member.

P: Thank you for your time today! What do you think we will talk about next time?
J: You're welcome. Next time we can talk about my favorite game system. Or we can talk about any questions other kids ask. Bye!


Anonymous said...

I think you should talk about your favorite animals next time. My favorite animal is a horse.
from Amy

Pam said...

Thank you very much for commenting. I will ask Justin to think about his favorite animals for the next time.
Horses are beautiful animals. I like them a lot also. My favorite animal is a dolphin. They are amazing! We went to Sea World last year and I loved to see them swim and jump!
Thanks again,
Pam said...

Asking Justin
What are your fav outside games?

Mardi said...

What a fun way to find out what kids are doing and thinking.
Thank you Pam and Justin

Pam said...

Thanks " Justin will be busy thinking up creative answers to your question.
Justin has been asking all weekend if we have new comments on my blog :)

Mardi, Justin was so excited that you liked our idea. Thanks so much!

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