Saturday, April 2, 2011

Letting dogs love your kids

Growing up, the best part of my day was coming home to see our fluffy brown dog Coco waiting for me at the end of the driveway. She was the happiest member of our family and it showed every time she wagged her bushy tail. I loved how she made me feel.

Once you have a dog, life just isn't the same without one. Dogs make a house a home that is friendly, warm and sometime furry.

Since we own 3 different breed dogs, I thought I would give you my opinion on how they fit into the family life.

Labs: They love people, kids can climb all over them, their whole body wags when they wag their tail. They are very oral, meaning they want things in their mouth all the time. May need to hide your shoes and toys for the first few years. These lovable labs stay puppies for many years! Our lab, Gracie, is 10 years old and she is still playful and spunky!

Border collies: They love people, especially when you're holding a frisbee, ball, flashlight or any other potentially "chaseable" object. Borders are high energy, but extremely loyal and smart. They don't normally chew toys or shoes unless left alone when they are pups.

Great White Pryenees: They love people and all animals. Great livestock protectors but are really giant fluffy teddy bears behind a watchdog bark. Great with kids, they help children who are afraid of dogs overcome their fear. Their size may be intimidating at first, but once the child sees how gentle they are, they fall in love with them.

Dogs give unconditional love: who doesn't need some of that!
Dogs give companionship to kids of all ages.
Dogs give help kids increase their self confidence. Have you noticed how proud your child is when they can make a 200 pound Mastiff sit on command?
Dogs give kids a job to do. After all, don't kids need to earn that allowance by feeding the dog?
Dogs love trucks! They make excellent back seat companions to only children.
Dogs love to clean up after your kids. They are the first ones to the "scene" when someone spills a bowl of Cheerios.

Obviously, I am a dog lover and I hope it shows.
Do you let your kids be loved by dogs?

Have a happy tail-wagging day!


sharon said...

Love this!!!! Can't wait to meet Max (SMC)

Lucretia said...

love it!!

Pam said...

Sharon, thanks! We hope you come up to visit Max this fall!
Lucretia, thank you!

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