Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot tips on Fire Safety with Sparkles

Sparkles, the Fire Safety dog has taught countless children the importance of Fire Safety, along with the guidance of Firefighter Dayna and Spanner. I want to share with you some of Sparkles' fire safety tips that every family should practice.

The main thing my son and I learned when we first met Sparkles in her book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, is that we need to practice fire safety EVERYDAY! Repetition is the key to remember important information.

Here are a few tips along with a video that will help you and your children be fire safe:
1. Remember that firefighters are helpers and friends. Never hide from firefighters.
2. Stay away from hot things that can hurt. If you find matches or a lighter, they are not toys, do not play with them. Give them to an adult.
3. Smoke alarms are loud but they keep you safe. If you here the alarm, get out!
4. Have an escape route mapped out. Practice your escape route with your family routinely.
5. Get Low and Go! If you need to get out of a smoky area, crawl under the smoke and get out.

Thank you Firefighter Dayna for letting me brag about Sparkles on my blog!

To find out more about Sparkles and how to be fire safe, click here.

To see Sparkles Fire Safety message:

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