Friday, September 30, 2011

Finding my weight loss wardrobe at thrift stores

Guest post written by Lisa Stevens
I've always admired the vintage look when it comes to fashion, but I always had trouble finding things in my size when I would go shopping. Sizing has changed a whole lot over the years and that means that a lot of the vintage clothes are simply tiny as a result. Well now that I've been working out and lost a bit of weight, I thought that it would be a neat idea to get a lot of my new wardrobe from vintage and thrift shops.

But because I generally couldn't wear many of the clothes at those places, I didn't know about many of them in my area. So I went online to find some good shops to check out. While I was doing that I came across some stuff about clear tv. After I read through it some I decided to change over my home TV service to it.

It's a little weird trying to figure out which size you are at some of those stores but I think that I'm past that stage now. I found a couple of dresses that look very Betty Draper off of Mad Men, which is a great look.

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Loui♥ said...

Hi Lisa..
I've been purchasing my clothes at Thrift Stores for over 20 years now!!! Goodwill and Salvation Army have come a long way in merchandising their donated products.
the stores are CLEAN, good lighting and dressing rooms large enough to be handicap accessible!
I too am petite,a senior in good physical problem is my figure is dresses (fitted) are out of the question for me.Separates work best! Liz Claiborne classic styling were perfect for alterations needed, and they could easily be dressed up or down with a blazer and or accessories.
Shoes and bags are very budget friendly also!!
check online and sign up for sales notifications..Frequently Goodwill features 50% off everything in the store on Saturday! Jeans at .99 cents a pair!! what a deal!!
let me know how you do!!
warmest hugs..
ps.. please TURN OFF the word verification thingy!!

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