Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mommy Morning Survival

How Do I Survive My Morning Routine?
Another great guest post by Rebecca at

Every day starts the same. The alarm goes off with a kick to the arm. Yes, my four year old son still sleeps with Momma and Papa Bear. Crawling out of my bed, as if I have a hangover, I quickly groom myself in ten seconds flat. I wouldn't call it grooming, but more like washing my face with whatever was next to the toothpaste.

Quickening the pace I start breakfast before little Mateo starts to cry. The next twenty minutes are a blur of food, clothes, shoes, toothpaste, and a hair brush. After rushing to my son's preschool, which thank God is like two minutes away, I get home to eat my routine breakfast of oatmeal with apples. For the next thirty to forty minutes I salsa my tush to a zumba DVD. I'm sure I look ridiculous as I stumble with the same steps that I've done for almost a year now but hey it's fun. With a speedy shower I'm on to my daily, insert yawn, chores of grocery shopping, and cleaning.

Before I know it my son is home from school and it's time to stuff our faces. I'm dicing and cooking the easiest meal possible because these kids are ravenous lions waiting for their turn at the dead carkous. Food is served!

The best part of the day as arrived…nap time! I love taking naps and I highly recommend it. What better way is there to recharge? I let the worries of the morning float away as I prepare my body for sleep. Aren't you jealous that I get to nap? Hee hee!

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Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

Love the cartoon at the top of the post. That's exactly how I feel in the morning.

Pam said...

me too!
Thanks for visiting!

TigerEyes2001 said...

I am SO not a morning person. LOL New follower from the Exposure 99 blog hop! Please follow back! Thanks! :)
Through the Eyes of a Tiger

Debbie said...

LOL Pam, I love the morning hangover! I'm not the morning type either, and yes, naptime is my favorite time of day too! :)

Rebecca said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower and would love it if you could follow me back :)

NicoleKester said...

Wow, that all sounds so familiar... The only thing missing from my day is the workout and the nap.
Maybe if I DID work out I could reward myself with one. ;)

Kim said...

Oh my gosh that was hysterical! I always feel like my mornings are absolutely insane, so to read that someone else's day is just as hectic makes me feel better! It's also good to know that I'm not the only mama, doing the bare minimum grooming to get out the door. Hopefully my kids are too embarrassed ;-).

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