Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dogs love Halloween Mart too!

Halloween Mart doesn't forget your pet!
Every year I promise (or threaten)  to dress my Border Collie up for Halloween.  My wants our pup to wear a costume similar to his Kids Halloween Costume. One year I bought the funniest chicken costume, but apparently I didn't read the size chart.  The large was for a large small dog, not a 50 pound dog.  But, a friend of mine has a 20 pound dog that it fit perfectly.  Jack was the cutest chicken dog in town that year!

This year I am shopping at  Halloween Mart to find the perfect costume for my furry friend.  My son is into skeletons of any kind.  He wants a skeleton hoodie, a skeleton guitar, skeleton gloves, and of course a matching skeleton ensemble for his best bud.  Halloween Mart has the perfect Skeleton Dog Costume:

This boney costumer goes around the neck and fits over the front legs, making it a great option for a boy or girl pup.  Halloween Mart has over 40 pet costumes of all sizes.  Most are listed by collar size, making it much easier to ensure a perfect fit.  When you click on a certain costume, it even recommends a matching one for your child or adult child:)  Your pooch will look great beside their best friend in a matching Kids Halloween Costume.

Of course, Halloween Mart has thousands of the latest adult, teen, child, toddler and infant costumes for Halloween and every other holiday.  They even have family costumes.   Their selection of Adult Halloween Costumes is enormous! Decorations galore can be found to transform any home without breaking the bank.  If you are looking for hard to find accessories or hard to find Halloween Costumes, Halloween Mart is the place to look.

The Halloween Mart is the web's first Halloween store, established in 1994.  Their years of experience is evident in the professional layout and high quality customer service they offer.

Be sure to check out the Daily Deals.  Halloween is right around the corner, don't wait!

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