Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Alexa Drop Hop


Make Your Rank Lower With our Sunday Alexa blog hop hosted by Mom Blog Society Pamela's Pen and The Gleeman's Baby.
  • Alexa ratings are based on how many people, with the Alexa Toolbar installed, visit your blog, how much time they spend there and how many pages they look at while there. The more the better.
  • If you're looking for advertising sponsors on your blog, chances are they are going to look up your Alexa rating. The lower the better.
  • One of the NUMBER 1 things to get your Alexa rank down is ALEXA REVIEWS. Give them to the Linkeys below. Leave a comment on their blog that you left an Alexa Review and they will return the favor.
  • How to give an Alexa Review? In your Alexa toolbar you will notice 5 stars and a clipboard next to it. While visiting a blog, click either of those and it will take you to the proper place. The reviews only take a few minutes. If you want one, you've got to give one!!!!!!!!!


1 comment: said...

And, for those of you who DON'T want to share your blogging habits (i.e., install spyware- no matter WHAT they try to tell you it's called), you have to earn your Alexa ranking the hard way. By earning REAL readership.

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