Friday, August 5, 2011

The Truth about "What if" questions!

Kids question everything.  For example, I asked my son to help me think up some "what if" questions, he asked why? :0)  But, these questions make us think about the alternatives to every situation.  
For example, what if dogs could talk?  How would that change our world?  Would that mean that we would bark?  Write a story based on those few questions and see what you come up with!

Here are a few what if's from my creative son:
What if pizza was alive?
What if people could grow wings?
What if crayons could talk?
What if dogs knew karate?
What if the mailman barked at dogs?
What if boys were born with 3 arms?  What if girls were born with 3 legs?

Here are a few more what if's from my friends(thanks to everyone for helping):
What if our worlds moved in constant slow motion?
What if...Jesus opted to obey His flesh in Gethsemane?
What if God decided after the Flood to not bother try again?
What if our cat overlords were actually pets?
What if there were no what if's?
What if earth was just an experiment in some creatures terrarium?
What if God and Superman got in a fight?
What if the internet didn't exist?
What if life were only a dream?
What if the earth were really flat?
What if the sun stopped shining?
What if we never slept?
What if fat was the new thin?
What if you only had 15 minutes to save the world?
What if we were all cartoon characters?
What if Congress actually had to work and we collected all their benefits?
What if we never learned to walk?

What if you answered all these questions?  Would it lead to more questions?  Most likely.  These extra questions help to make the "what if" scenario all that more real, and bring you to a heightened sense of satisfaction with what you think to be true and for how your would react to that "what if" situation.  
All these questions can lead to a new scene in your story, a story starter, a characterization and much more.   Creative thinking leads to some inspirational writing!

Please leave me your "what ifs" in the comments.  Did you come up with any inspiration after reading all of these?  Please share!


BarbaraB said...

I'm afraid fat is the new thin.

Pam said...

Very true Barb!
Thanks for visiting!

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