Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Great Writing Exercises to Sharpen Your Brain

  1. Think of your favorite fairy tales and childhood stories.  Write a short story plotting two story book characters against each other.  For example, Little Red Riding Hood meets Batman.
  2.  Take a book off your bookshelf, open to the first line, write a story from there.
  3.  Write your first name.  Use each letter of your name to write a descriptive word using the five senses.  For example: 
  • P: Plush
  • A: Acrid
  • M: Mushy
  • E: Elongated
  • L: Liquid
  • A: Ardent
      4.   Use pictures to prompt your writing.  Try The Creativity Portal: 365 Pictures Daily Photo prompts generated for your creative inspiration.
Here is the example for today: 
   5.  Spend 15 minutes people-watching in the mall.  Write down dialogue, conversations and interesting people descriptions.  Then start writing a scene with dialogue only.  Can you incorporate all the descriptive elements using just dialogue?

Good luck and Happy Writing!


BarbaraB said...

Really good prompts, Pam. Wish I had time to try them out.

Pam said...

Thanks for visiting, Barb. I know, so many prompts and great ideas, so little time. I have an index card/recipe box that I put ideas on. Then, when you're stuck, you just pull one out and write!

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