Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun with Grammar

Here are some fun ways to learn about grammar, spelling and punctuation:
  1. Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling
  2. What it Means When you Say "literally"
  3. When to Use i.e. in a sentence
  4. How to use a Semicolon
  5. How to use an Apostrophe
  6. Grammarman :
  7. A Comic about Verbs:
    8.  Jack Krumb's Guide to Grammar:


Dee Dee said...

I literally enjoyed this post! Definitely! Thank you! AWL

Pam said...

Thanks for visiting, Dee Dee.
My son wanted more. I was going to stop at 5:)
Happy Blogging!

Sheryl's Pearls said...

Cute post with very helpful tips! Thanks for compiling and posting.

Pam said...

Thanks for visiting, Sheryl. It is a fun way to learn or remind ourselves about grammar.
Happy Blogging!

Anonymous said...

My husband is a standardized testing instructor. He would appreciate this post. He is always complaining about how so many kids just don't get grammar.

The Substantive Mom

Pam said...

I hope your husband appreciates it! It is fun to learn with comics!
Happy Blogging!

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