Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kiss and make up

 TODAY IS Kiss and Make Up Day!
Kiss and Make Up Day is a great way to end a spat. Everyone has an argument, a fight, or a tiff once in a while. Family, friends, lovers, no one escapes without an occasional fight. Today is a day to end the fight, kiss, and make up. Oh, what fun this day can be!

Today is a day to end the fight, be it a short spat, or a long standing feud. C'mon, get over the issues, and resolve your differences. Then, kiss and make up. After all, making up can be oh, so sweet. For lovers, it is the best part of the fight. Some might suggest that the kissing and the making up part makes fighting worthwhile.

Remember, our loved ones are the ones who do just that: love us.  What a better day to put aside our differences, show our partner a little "sugar" and let your imagination do the rest!  Remember not to take our loved ones for granted.  Sometimes we forget to fuss over the  little stuff.  I always try not to "sweat the small stuff," but when it comes to romantic gestures, not matter how small, make a fuss.  If your honey leaves you a love note, make sure you thank them, remind them for days how much it meant to you.  You never know, it could happen again!

So kiss, smooch, hug, snuggle, embrace the day...go ahead.  Today is the day!


Debbie @ Happy Maker said...

I did not know there was kiss and make up day. thanks Pam for letting me know. Haven't had a fight or fuss today, but hey when he gets home I am going for the kiss,
thanks again for enlightening me.

Pam said...

I know, no fighting here either. My hubby doesn't feel good enough for fighting or kissing:(
Happy Blogging.

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