Monday, March 21, 2011

Six Ways to reduce the piles of Homework papers

Does your child come home on Friday with half a ream of paper in his backpack? So many worksheets, projects, artsy pages, spelling test, math homework, etc. I have seven ideas on how to cut down on the piles of paper. After all, aren't piles of paper hoovering in tall towers a fire hazard?

1: Have your child pick one paper they are most proud of each week to keep in a binder. That way, you can look back and compare the new papers with the oldest papers and see how far they have improved.
2. Use the creative, artsy papers for backgrounds in scrapbooks or photo matting.
3. Cut up the colored announcement papers for scrap paper.
4. Cut up the colored announcement papers and make flash cards with them.
5. Use the most creative pieces as wall art or refrigerator art.
6. Feed the fireplace or wood stove. Of course, if it's summer, have a bonfire and roast marshmallows over all those fun memories.

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K. L. Stewart said...

These are great tips. I'm always trying to knock down this pile without hurting my daughter's pride. I usually save about 100 of her best papers from each school year, and we put them into little file folders, and store them in a plastic bin. Then, at the end of each school year, we look back at the previous years, and see how much she's learned. I always enjoy this! I'll be using some of your tips for the work that doesn't go into the folder!

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