Friday, March 11, 2011

More ideas to fight boredom during school vacation

So far we have covered the fun parts of school vacation:


Get Outside!

and Educational Games

Today I must ramble on the things that are lower on the "fun scale" for school vacation activities. You probably think I will mention clean their bedroom, catch up on chores or walk the dog. But I have more creative ways to get those things done without you child thinking of it as a chore. I have tried this at home, so feel free to do the same.
Letting the carpet breathe (aka, cleaning your room) is a fun activity my son and I do to see if we can clean up the bedroom floor, organize his toys and give away toys he no longer uses. We have a race, I clean my bedroom, he cleans his and we see which floor is the cleanest first. Granted, he has a top bunk where he stores all his stuffed animals, but the rest of the toys, legos, Ben 10 action figures, Star Wars costumes and clothes, must be put on shelves in an orderly fashion. If he hasn't used a certain toys or group of toys, we give it to someone who does or will use it. When my husband gets home, he makes a big deal about how he is in the wrong room, where did the carpet come from, etc. Justin barely realizes he just cleaned his room.

Another activity lower on the fun scale (for some children) is keeping up on school skills. Justin loves "playing school" so we get out books, make up quizzes, word searches and mazes for each other, and even do a few flashcards. If we come to a question that I can't answer, we Google it! It's amazing the facts and figures that an 8-year old will remember when he learns it his way!

Does anyone do other activities (chores but done by another name) during vacation?
Remember that kids are like sponges, they soak it all up!


Lisbeth Tanz said...

Oh I remember these days. My worst fear is the dreaded "I'm bored" statement. Great ideas!

K. L. Stewart said...

this is great information for any parent. It's not work, unless the child sees it as work! I've done things like this with my daughter and "playing school" to study is one of the best!

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