Saturday, March 5, 2011

What to do on school vacation week? Get Outside!

Get outside! No matter what the weather, being outside frees your body, mind and spirit of all the indoor dust bunnies that reside in your brain, lungs and pockets.

Up here in the most snow in Jan and Feb since the 80's, we have too much snow. But, instead of letting that get us down, we play up, up, up on the tallest bank of snow. My border collie loves to climb the snow mountains with us.

We make forts, have snowball fights, slide down on just our snow pants and then slide down on the floppy plastic sled. I know, you think it sounds dangerous to let my 8 year-old to climb 15 foot snowbanks, but it increases his self esteem and his agility when he makes it to the top and back down without any help or any injuries.

Being the ever-worrying mother, I confess, I did make him wear his helmet the first few times he climbed the banks.

One downside to so much snow in NH is that the swing sets and rock wall and slides are buried. Not much chance of getting in any swinging for a few more months.

Just remember to dress warm, wear snow pants, and don't forget the hot cocoa when you're done.

Happy Snowy fun days!

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