Friday, June 10, 2011

Need motivation and inspiration? Meet J. Aday!

Please welcome J. Aday to Pam's Pen!  J. Aday writes for children and adults is a motivational speaker.. Two picture books have been published by Guardian Angel Publishing and seven more are under contract. She is know as a differentaly-abled writer and speaker.   Did I mention that she is a legally blind ventilator-dependent quadriplegic and absolutely amazing?  You can learn more about J. Aday at her website.

PGM: J. Aday, can you tell us you come up with your characters? 
JAK: I draw them from people I know and observe. When I’m reading and a find a character that appeals to me, I write a character sketch incorporating what I like and invent qualities or looks. I piece my characters together like puzzle pieces.

PGM: Are any of your creature characters based on real people?
JAK: Yes. In Klutzy Kantor, my sister Tada was the inspiration for the clumsy, but intelligent Pegasus. In Marta’s Gargantuan Wings, the cheeky monkey is based on my impudent older sister, Yestrada. In Stella the Fire Farting Dragon the characters don’t reflect a particular person, but the idea came from my nephew (literally). It was a noxious inspiration.

PGM: When do you write?  Do you have a set schedule to write or do you write when you feel like it?
JAK: I begin writing between 5 pm and thru midnight. I begin to answer emails, prepare blog posts, plan marketing, and any number of miscellaneous duties from 12:00-1:00.  Until that time I’m having therapy.

PGM: How do you fight writer's block?
JAK: I write through it. If I’m stuck I write about being stuck. There’s no excuse not to write something.. I don’t allow it.

PGM: Do you write with music or TV on?  Or do you need complete quiet?
JAK: I rarely write in complete quiet. I have Pandora radio stations playing in the background.

PGM: Do you like writing fiction or nonfiction better?
JAK: Fiction

PGM: I see you have a few blogs out there.  How do you come up with ideas for those?
JAK: I write about what I want to know (I research it), review books I’ve read, or interview people. When I find interesting tidbits on the internet or  TV I write about them. 

Please visit J. Aday's Blogs:  The Writing Playground and The Brain Fart Explosion

PGM: What is the biggest mistake people make when writing?
JAK: Using weak verbs.

PGM: Do you use any computer software programs to help you write?  Do they help with your creative process?
JAK: I use TextAloud to read what I’ve written to me and Inspiration 8 to plan my books. Inspiration 8 is a great tool. I just started using Write it Now software. It’s great for dreaming up characters.

PGM: And lastly, please tell us about your books and where we can buy them!
JAK: My latest book is Stella the Fire Farting Dragon.
Stella’s nerves threaten her chances of winning a talent contest, but she marshals her nerves and does her best. A lesson of perseverance wrapped in a humorous bite makes the most reluctant readers gobble up this story. They’ll giggle themselves silly as Stella Dragon performs and farts fire.

I’m offering FREE temporary tattoo of Stella. All they have to do is send an SASE to
J. Aday Kennedy
PO Box 71
Mineola, TX 7573
I sell whoopee cushions & coloring postcards visit my website  

Please Visit A Writing Playground to learn about an inspirational quadriplegic, painter, and man, Kennedy Ng´ang¢a.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great interview.

BarbaraB said...

Hi Pam,
Thank for this revealing post about our friend J. Aday. She is one savy tech gal.

Hi J. Aday,
It's interesting the way you have incorporated those new software programs into your writing scheme.
No--I can't imagine your suffering from writer's block!

Pam said...

Thanks J. Aday for being on my blog! You are always an inspiration to me!

Barb, thanks for visiting and sharing. I can't imagine her having writer's block either!
Happy Blogging ladies!

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