Saturday, August 8, 2009

AMAZON ebook info
Thank you for your interest in Amazon's eBook program. There are many options for making your books available for the Amazon Kindle platform. Your options depend on the nature of your publications (such as file formats), the resources and technical expertise you have available, and your general eBook sales model. has both managed and self-service platforms to help publish your content as Kindle books. The ebook creation software and all publishing tools on are free. Once you make your titles available for Amazon Kindle, you will receive payments for every title sold. Below are examples of publishing needs we fit and more information on how to move forward:

• If you are a small publisher or author who wishes to take advantage of Amazon's self-service tools to create Kindle Books and sell them on Amazon, please go to's Digital Text Platform or read more about DTP in the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines

• Publishers who have a relationship with an Amazon Kindle vendor manager should read more about Kindle Title Manager in the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines

• Publishers who have many titles to convert but do not wish to (or have the technical resources to) convert files in-house might want to consider outsourcing to a conversion house or create their ebooks themselves using Mobigen Software (more info in the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines).

• The Mobigen Software can also be used by individuals who are comfortable writing HTML.

• If you do not yet have a contract in place to sell your Kindle titles on and will be using eBookbase to upload content, contact to get a contract.

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