Friday, September 4, 2009

writing publications I use

What writing publications do you rely on to keep you up to date on industry trends, writing tips, and author stories? Do you still subscribe to as many writing trade publications as you used to or are you increasingly subscribing to and reading blogs or e-news to inform your writing career? Has the recession impacted your writing-related reading? If so how?

I enjoy subscriptions to a few magazines and newsletters that keep me up to date on trends, tips and new markets. The Writer Magazine, Writer’s Digest, The Wooden Horse, Children’s Book insider, and many more free newsletters that i can hardly begin to list all of.
I am a faithful reader of Publisher’s Lunch. I tend to look for my dream job more than market happenings.
I also read PW Children’s BOokshelf, ICL Children’s Writer eNews, Angela Hoy’s, and Writing for Dollars.
I have recently become a fighting Bookworm at CBI, although I haven’t had to time to peruse and use the site as I want to.
I havent’ cut back on buying books or magazines for the trade, after all, it’s tax deductible and you can never have too many books or magazines!

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