Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seven by Seven? Who knew!

As I sat in my favorite Sunday morning activity (Sunday School) I realized that all the animals that got on Noah's ark didn't come two by two. The "clean animals" came seven by seven! How bizarre that I never learned this in all my years in church. What happened? Was I not listening or maybe never read it close enough to retain that fact? Once I realized that my animals coming two-by-two image was mostly wrong and I let that fact sink in, I had many questions. The main one was why! Why did God want seven of each clean animal? Another question was what exactly was a "clean" animal? Would having seven-by-seven take up too much room in the ark? So then I had more questions: How long were Noah and his family on the ark? Wasn't it loud and chaotic? How big was the ark, in terms I could understand? That last question was easily answered by my SS teacher. The ark was as big as 500 train box cars. I also learned it wasn't as pretty as all the picture books make it out to be. It was more like a crude box or stable type structure. Then the question of how many people and how long it took to build it.
As I wrap my mind around all these newly discovered facts about Noah, I have learned an important lesson: God is never done teaching us about Him!
Tomorrow: more answers to the above questions.

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