Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fun Story Starters

**It was a gift her mother gave her on her ____ birthday
**The door slammed with finality
**Alice tried to remember who gave her the key
**Top 7 things that should happen to mean people
**10 best reasons not to share a room with your best friend
**Six fun things to do on your first sleepover
**21 signs it's time to take a bath
**Top 10 things to say to a kid who just got dumped by their first crush
**The boy ate so much his lips, eyes and ears turned green
**The spotted puppy turned to look at you and spoke your name
**That morning, we made a list of cafeteria foods that should be declared unfit for human consumption
**I'd always imagined that a talking chicken would have a higher voice
**My little sister woke up with a spotted tongue
**Our Christmas tree was really haunted

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