Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just Ask Justin: Penguins, Yoshies and Snakes!

We're back for another installment of Just ask Justin!

We would both like to thank everyone who suggested topics for Justin to discuss.  Justin loves talking about anything, believe me, he not only talks a lot, but he actually knows plenty of interesting facts he has learned from school, books and from HGTV.  Yes, my son loves HGTV! :)

Today's topic is...drum roll please...Justin's favorite animal.

P.  Thank you for participating again, Justin.
J. You are welcome.  I LOVE doing Just ask Justin.

P.  Can you tell me what is your favorite animal? 
J.  I have 3 favorite animals: Penguins, Yoshies and Snakes.

P.  Wow, that's quite a list.  What are Yoshies?
J.   Yoshies are a Mario Character.  They are a type of dinosaur.  They are normally green, but they can be almost any color.

P.  What do you like most about Yoshies?
J.  Yoshies are so cute and cuddly.  In some games, Yoshies can fly.

P.  If you could have one for a pet, what would you name it and where would you keep it?
J.  I would name it Yoshi, because that's what his name is.  I would keep it in our house with someone who could take care of it at all times. 

P.  Yoshies sound very cute.  What kind of food do they eat?
J.  They are so cute.  They eat Yoshie fruit.  It grows on Yoshie fruit bushes.

P.  Which type of penguin is your favorite?
J.  The Adelie Penguin is my favorite.

P.  What do you like most about the Adelie Penguin?
J.  They are so cute.  The chicks are soft are warm.

P.  Do Penguins fly like Yoshies?
J.  Penguins are flightless birds, but they have wings so they can swim in water.

P.  What other facts do you know about Adelie penguins?
J.  The Adelie penguin chick is as tall as its parents, so the Adelie penguin chick can't sit on their feet.  They live in rocky areas so their chick can stay warm.

P. What type of penguin chick sits on its parent's feet?
J.  The Emperor Penguin chick sits on its Dad's feet first while the Mom is getting food.   Then they sit on the Mom's feet while the Dad is getting food.  By the time the Dad gets back, the chick is old enough to stay warm on its own.
P.  Would you be able to keep a penguin as a pet?
J.  No, because it is too warm in New Hampshire.  They normally live in Antarctica.  The  only way I could keep one in my house is if I had a huge freezer habitat and lots of fish and krill.

P.  Why do you like snakes?  They are not cute, soft and cuddly.
J.  They are cool because they can eat something bigger than themselves.

P.  Do you have a favorite type of snake?
J.   I like all kinds of snakes.  My favorite type of snake is the Twig Snake.

P.  What does a Twig snake look like?
J.  It looks like a twig, that's how it got it's name.

P.  I hope you wouldn't want to keep one as a pet.  Are they poisonous? 
J.  Yes, very poisonous.  There is no anti-venom if you get bitten by one.  You would probably die.  Garden snakes are different, they are not poisonous.  They eat mice and protect your garden. 

P.  Why do you like the Twig snake?
J.  I like them because they are very good at blending in so it makes it hard to find them.

P.  Thank you for talking about your favorite animals today.  What kind of things would you like to talk about next time?
J.  I think someone asked me to talk about my favorite outdoor games.  If you have other ideas, please let me know.


BarbaraB said...

Hi Pam and Justin,
This is an interesting topic today. Mario has come a long way since the beginning. It used to be a boring game (that's from a grandmother's perspective). But my granddaughter had one of the first ones and she liked it.
I like snakes and penguins, too, and I learned some new facts today. Thanks, Justin.
I have had a couple of large black snakes in my yard for several years now. I like them because they keep coral snakes away. My neighbor across the street's dog was killed by a coral snake but fortunately the dog also killed the snake. I'm happy to have black snakes in my neighborhood.

Pam said...

Hi Barb,
Thanks for your comments. Justin is like a sponge, soaking up so many tidbits of knowledge everywhere he goes. He teaches me things everyday!
Thanks again!

Priya Iyengar said...

Pam and Justing:

You both make a good team with strong brains. Pam, you're raising a very smart and practical child.

You have covered a nice topic from a child's perspective. Very interesting interview.

Thanks for the knowledge sharing.
Love to both

Pam said...

Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. Justin loves getting comments on his Just ask Justin:)
Please feel free to suggest topics for him to discuss, maybe something games kids do in the States that you have questions about.

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