Saturday, January 17, 2009

God's Peace (PGM)

Peace Be Still

“Crash, crack, boom!” Emily squealed in fright and dropped her book.

She scurried down the stairs, yelling, “Mom, where are you?”

“I’m in the kitchen,” her mom replied.

Emily ran into the safety of her mother’s arms. “Did you hear that?” Emily asked. “We’re gonna get a huge storm.” Her freckled face paled. “I hate these kinds of storms,” she moaned.

“Emily, you’re getting all worried for nothing,” Mom said as she patted her back. “Come on. Help me water the plants. Then we’ll make some dinner.”

Emily followed her mother into the living room. Normally, she felt safe in the living room. Now, the trees outside cast shadows across the normally bright blue wallpaper, making it dark and gloomy. And with the thunder getting louder, she wanted to be somewhere far away. .

A huge bolt of lightning lit up the windows in the living room. Instantly, a loud crack of thunder followed. Then everything was dark. Emily started crying. She knew that eight year olds shouldn’t cry about storms, but she couldn’t help it. She wasn’t brave when it came to storms.

“Honey, it’s OK. I’m right here. The power just went out.”

Emily whimpered quietly and groped for her mom. As she touched her sleeve, another lightning flash lit up the room. “Let’s go sit on the couch,” Mom said as she guided Emily towards the couch.

“I know what will help. I’m going to tell you a story about how Jesus’ disciples were afraid during a storm. Do you remember that one?”

“Kind of,” Emily sobbed.

“One day, after Jesus had been preaching, He and His disciples were out on a boat. Jesus was tired and fell asleep. A big storm came. Waves crashed against the boat. Water started getting in. Wind tossed the boat around. Jesus slept through it all.”

“How come?” Emily asked.

“He knew He was safe. But the disciples were very afraid, like you are now. They woke Jesus up. They asked him: Jesus, don’t you care that we are going to die in this storm? Jesus stood up and scolded the wind. He told the sea: ‘Peace be still.’ Everything was quite and calm instantly.”

“Wow,” Emily sighed.

“Jesus asked the disciples why they were so afraid. ‘Why don’t you have faith,’ He asked them. ‘Don’t you know I won’t let anything happen to you?’ Jesus won’t let anything happen to you or me either.” Emily’s mom squeezed Emily’s hand reassuringly. “The disciples were amazed that Jesus got the winds and waves to obey Him. Jesus is able to protect us anywhere we are.”

“So, I shouldn’t be so scared, should I?” Emily asked.

“It’s OK to be scared. Just remember that Jesus always takes care of us. We can tell the storm ‘Peace be still’ when we are scared. That will remind us to trust God.”

As Emily squeezed her mom’s hand, the lights came back on. She smiled bravely at her mom and stood up. “Where are you going?” her mom asked.

“I’m going to draw a picture of Jesus on the boat with the huge storm all around. Then I’m going to draw another one after Jesus says ‘Peace be still.’ Do you want me to make you one too?”

“That’d be great, sweetie. I’m going back to the kitchen to get dinner going before the power goes out again.”

Emily skipped up to her room. She heard thunder crashing again. Instead of running back to her mom, she repeated: “Peace be still, peace be still.” She smiled as she said to herself: “I’m braver than I thought. Thanks Jesus for taking care of me.”

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