Friday, June 19, 2009

writing exercises from CBI

Two fun writing exercises:

Exercise #1

After you’ve brainstormed your idea, come up with at least three different ways to write it. For example, could you tell your story using diary entries? What if you set the story in the future? Could you explore your nonfiction topic through poetry, or riddles, or via a backyard scavenger hunt? Write a paragraph really examining each approach, and then decide which excites you the most. If you’re inspired to explore more approaches, then go for it!

And thanks to Fightin’ Bookworm Emily Ziemba for this tip for writing easy readers: “Talk to teachers for early childhood grades to find appropriate vocabulary, sight words, etc. for students. As a teacher, I find that some books miss the mark altogether!”

Exercise #2

Just for fun, let’s all brainstorm on unique ways to tell a story based on this idea:

A dog gets adopted from an animal shelter.

Change anything you want. Make the dog talk. Set it in the future. Place the animal shelter in outer space. Use this idea as a springboard for a young adult novel or an easy reader…or whatever else you’d like. Get creative, and post your results on the CBI Challenge message board. You’ll be amazed at how many different stories can spring from one idea!


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